Digital Nomad Adventure. The Work & Travel Tried n’ Tested Destination Guide!

An online comprehensive work, travel, and living guide for the best digital nomad, location independent and work abroad destinations. This is the must-have guide, written in the old ‘Lonely Planet’ Style, for those who are looking to or are already working as they travel.

Information on workplaces (co-working spaces & cafes), opportunities, transport, accommodation, food, nightlife, health, and fitness. Find those must see off the beaten track attractions only to be found with local knowledge. Making things quicker, easier, and more convenient to live your life with true independence globally: Delivered online in an informative style with hands-on research. Easy to navigate and easy to read. Written by Digital Nomads actually living and working in the destination/s!

Digital Nomads & Expats in Salento (Colombia)

Salento Colombia

Salento & the Cocora Valley – Jewel of Colombia

Digital Nomads & Expats in Barcelona

Barcelona Spain

The biggest city in the Mediterranean. Barcelona is far more than a beach city. Bohemia at its finest and the pride of Spain.

Digital Nomads & Expats in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Argentina

Beautiful Buenos Aires complete with green spaces to match.

Digital Nomads & Expats in Medellin

Medellin Colombia

Magical views of the famous Medellin skyline.

Digital Nomads & Expats in Chiang Mai

Digital Nomads in Chiang Mai

Thailand’s second city, Chiang Mai

Digital Nomads & Expats in London

Digital Nomads in London

Imperialist London

Digital Nomads & Expats in Berlin

Digital Nomads in Berlin

East meets West in the German capital

Digital Nomads & Expats in San Cristobal (Mexico)

San Cristobal

Beautiful San Cristobal, Mexico´s rustic mountainous south.

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