Travelling solo can be an amazing and rewarding experience. Though it is important to remember the struggles too. All in all, it’s worth it though. When the going get’s tough and the struggles get too much you are often rewarded with a boost. A special moment which rebalances everything in your favour. Check out the top travel tips below:

  1. Be respectful, don’t be the drunk tourist. Your neighbours don’t want you urinating or vomiting on their doorstep. A neighbour on the other side of the World is no different.
  2. Learn the most basic of language, whether it be Spanglish or just the basic please and thank you (if the language has it). The country you find yourself in and its inhabitants will appreciate it. People will look out for you more.
  3. Don’t feel ashamed to mix with ex-pats. When you are away from home, it is rewarding but not easy. Searching out like-minded individuals, whether on a similar journey, speaking the same language or born in the same country. A little bit of home really helps when you are away from home.
  4. Try the local food, you never know you might find something that sits just right on your taste buds and goes on to be a lifelong favourite.
  5. Learn about the culture, whether spiritual, economical or geographical. Travelling allows an opportunity to learn and progress at an immense rate. Take the opportunity.
  6. Don’t be scared to jump outside your comfort zone, within reason. Be open-minded. Take an opportunity to hang out with a different social group or culture. When you land in a new place everyone is equal. Make sure to treat each other that way and embrace the return.